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In Which It Burns – Silence The Nothing

With just a day before release Asa takes a good look at In Which It Burns new Album! In Which it Burns was formed in 2016 by Steve (Lead Guitar) and Dan (Drums). They rounded out the line-up with Robert on Bass and Dan’s brother Wayne, who… Continue Reading “In Which It Burns – Silence The Nothing”

Luna In Sanguinem – Global Bloodbath

Paul Hutchings gets his death metal head on, and dips into the new EP from Luna In Sanguinem Strap yourself in and make sure that crash helmet is secure, for this debut EP from US monsters Luna In Sanguinem is as ferocious as they… Continue Reading “Luna In Sanguinem – Global Bloodbath”

Tortured Demon – Cold Blood (Single)

Reviewer Asa takes an in depth look at Oldham based Tortured Demon and their new single. Tortured Demon have been making quite the name for themselves over the past 2 years. Formed in late 2018, this triple threat attack has been going from strength… Continue Reading “Tortured Demon – Cold Blood (Single)”

Imperium – The Passing (single)

Reviewed by Neil Bolton The Passing begins with a Black Sabbath rain effect alongside a peaceful guitar intro. and then this London five piece soon bring this tune to a slow, but purposeful beginning . Don’t get me wrong this is not doom metal,… Continue Reading “Imperium – The Passing (single)”

Hive Mind – Echoes Of The Void

Reviewer Paul Hutchings takes a step into the void with some crossover from Kent – My first encounter with Kent crossover thrash outfit Hive Mind and what a banger to kick things off. I felt thoroughly violated by this four-minute explosion of power and… Continue Reading “Hive Mind – Echoes Of The Void”

3000AD – The Void

Our review tryouts continue, and today is the turn of Robert Chapman who tackles The Void by 3000AD, heres what he thinks about the New Zealand Thrashers “Tunes to make the neck ache” Formed in Christchurch New Zealand in 2018. 3000AD are a 3… Continue Reading “3000AD – The Void”

Hellfekted – Method Of Destruction (single)

Batten down the hatches and prepare for incoming fire, as Hellfekted stock up the hell tank with evil munitions and have you in their sights! Yes the Nottingham/Stoke based blackened Thrashers are back with their first new single since releasing ‘Woe To The Kingdom… Continue Reading “Hellfekted – Method Of Destruction (single)”

Exalter – Persecution Automated

The second of our reviewer tryouts, Frank Holby turns his attention to the new album from Exalter, The Thrashing beast from the east… I will start by saying it never ceases to amaze me, the hidden gems of thrash metal that turn up from… Continue Reading “Exalter – Persecution Automated”

Zebadiah Crowe – The Cloven Hand

2020 has been an incredible year for music. There’s been so many different flavours of riff-based excellence this year that you’re almost spoilt for choice. For smaller bands, this means that it can be hard to get noticed unless you have something unique to you.… Continue Reading “Zebadiah Crowe – The Cloven Hand”

Ysgaroth – Storm Over a Black Sea

What with the (seemingly) deluge of Black Thrash Acts coming out recently, Hellfeckted, Hellripper and Devastator, to name but three. I was interested to check out the debut of Canadian metal band Ysgaroth. Hailing from Vancouver this 3-piece are certainly a bit more on… Continue Reading “Ysgaroth – Storm Over a Black Sea”