Blacklist – Blood On The Sand (single)

We asked Robbie form The Thrash Metal Album Of The Fortnight Club to check out the latest single from Blackpool Thrashers Blacklist, here’s what he thinks –

This ever evolving world we live in never ceases to provide inspiration and ideas for musicians and songwriters . Often the most tragic, world altering events have the stimuli that inspires the most. To take something as monstrous and as life changing as War as the themeis common for creative minds. However, to be able to fully use that theme and ensure it’s far from cliche, tounge in cheek or not in Ill taste is rarer still. Blacklist have not only delivered a stunning commentary on the horrors of war but, ‘Blood on the Sand’ carrys a huge dose of respect and realism.

With its galvanising effect the song instantly hits those sweet thrash spots. The places that as many will try to reach are visited but often after a few listens. Blacklist however take you to those spots from the very start. As the dramatic harrowing but very real sounds of gunfiremakes way for an intensely crushing riff ‘Blood on the Sand’ lays waste to all in its path. It thunders along with a fine balance of aggression and character. The latter of which it oozes with. 

Theres no messing around! This is anthemic, blistering thrash metal. With a ferocious crunch to the sound theres simply no getting away from the attitude infused intense relentless batterythat the Blackpool thrashers can rightly say have made their own. 

The catchiness of the chorus is understated but sits perfectly and allows a slight respite from the exhilarating barrage unfolding. The grim, shocking tales being retold through the vocalswith conviction and a commanding delivery adding real depth and yet another layer of sonic fulfillment to the overall sound. 

You know a solo is coming too.  Where though will it sit? How will it affect the already razor sharp feel that’s been created. Fears are instantly quashed as the soaring  electrifying brilliance acts as an unexpected climax and the energy built in the song is reflected in the solo. 

As the song comes to a fiery satisfying conclusion you are left somewhat stunned by its imposing power. Such is the instantly gratifying journey Blacklist have taken you on the previous few minutes you are left thirsting for more.

With ‘Blood on the Sand’ Blacklist have unleashed a rousing statement of intent and upped the thrash metal ante. So if and when you use War as the theme to your song you damn well make sure you can inform and entertain in equal measure as Blacklist have excelled in with ‘Blood on the Sand’.

Blood On The Sand is released on all digital platforms on the 5th March. Pre-Save HERE

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