Overthrow – Pure Death (Single AND Video)

Paul Hutchings checks out the first single from the long awaited new Overthrow album, here’s what he thinks…

Vicious Blackened death thrash in the vein of Hellripper, Werewolves and Midnight comes clawing at you with darkened nails, under which dirt from a thousand years dwells.

This is Pure Death, the single from the forthcoming debut album ‘Strike Down the Saviour’. A mere seven years in the planning, the London based quartet hit hard and heavy with ferocious riffing, driving power and a gravel-soaked vocal delivery that ticks all the boxes. What it lacks in originality it makes up for in a vibrant, energetic and full out aural assault. There are no niceties, simply a face-melting four minutes which flies by.

The band have released a video to accompany the track. It comes covered in warnings about sensitive items in the viewing options, but I have to say that vultures, maggots, cadavers, fire and corpses being ripped up does not worry me and the overall shock value is reduced by appearance of the band, the sheer pulverising nature of the song and the fact that three of the band members look identical, hence the numerous repeats as I tried to work out what the hell was going on!

If you are squeamish, then maybe the sight of flesh being carved from another human is not for you, but if you can cope with it then grab a beer and enjoy something gnarly, angry and punishing

Overthrow – Pure Death Vicious is released everywhere on Friday the 23rd July, we will update with the YouTube embed then!!

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