Crawling Manifest – Radical Absolution

Gareth takes an audio trip to the USA to check out the new album from Crawling Manifest

‘Radical Absolution’ is the sophomore album by Maryland metallers Crawling Manifest, now reduced to two members Trevor Layton (Guitars), and Andrew Gladu (everything else: Vocals, Bass, Drums, producer, mixer etc.). Originally intended to be a 4 track EP, but because of the shit show that has been Covid 19, this plan was revised, and the band decided to expand it to become a complete album.

Starting with the gorgeous 2½ min instrumental ‘Land of the Free’ which has some beautiful lead guitar and an almost ‘grunge’ like feel to it, fear not second track ‘World War III’ soon disperses any thoughts of that 90’s music genre, with its pummelling intro riff , the song soon builds into a bouncy fast thrasher, with a slower chunky chorus. ‘Nothing to Lose’ has a bit more bounce and groove to it at the start, yet in no way lets up on the aggression, and then it’s off like a boy racer at a set of traffic lights, before returning to that groove for the bridge. ‘Right to Refrain Silence’ is gritty, with an almost crossover flavour to the heavy riffs, with a real mosh pit feel to it, and a heavy breakdown. The title-track is the longest and most experimental of the tracks here, even having some clean vocals and an acoustic in the intro, this soon develops into a multi-section epic, with a bit more melody in the riffing than some of the other songs, with a spiralling main motif and a cool middle section. ‘Blood Born’ and ‘Revolution’ continue the brutal offensive with taut riffs and explosive drums while album closer ‘Onslaught’ finishes the album on a real optimistic heavy high, and acts as a final rallying call to arms. 

This is a cracking thrash/death album, with many different influences ranging from classic thrash, crossover, melodic death metal and many more. Produced by the band themselves it has a modern contemporary sound, yet still sounds and feels like it was made by two guys in a studio, rather than on a laptop. The only thing I see as being a bit of a problem is Andrew Gladu’s vocals might be a stumbling point to some, as they are edging on the death metal side rather than the thrash side. Still that will be up to the listener to decide.

The new album is out Today Friday 14th May via the bands BandCamp Here or on the normal streaming sites

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