Grimorte – Estoric Ascendance

Neil Bolton takes a a listen to the debut EP from Grimorte – and explores the darkness within!

As I glance out my window I notice the sun has dissolved into the winter ground and the moon has taken its place. This familiar celestial body is bright, low and full, resting there in the clear sky. This has created, what I am about to learn is, the perfect surroundings to listen to this E.P. by.

Grimorte is a two-person project consisting of Kieran Scott, the vocalist from Ashen Crown, and Lewis Borthwick from Archierophant. The latter carrying out instrumentation and production duties.

The hope of Grimorte is to explore the dark world of Aleister Crowley and the occult. This debut E.P. is described by Kieran and Lewis in the following statement:
“To explore the dark esoteric mystics that surround Aleister Crowley and the occult.’Esoteric Ascendance’ is the debut four track E.P narrative of a woman’s journey into being lulled into the esoteric pagan and Satanist practices of the golden dawn revealing her transition from innocence to possession, then to reawaken to find her new self believed demonic form.”

We begin this journey with “The Procession”. Baselines are followed by eerie samples that are, in turn, followed by the impressive vocal talent of Kieran Scott. This is doom metal with a nasty filthy vocal tone. This track is here to build the creepy satanic atmosphere the boys described earlier. It does the job.
The second track has moved beyond the foundations of an ethos and we are well and truly into death doom type metal, expertly performed by these two gentleman. The dark ambience does not abate; in fact the even darker tone of the vocals soon remove any light remaining in your soul.
The music is never too slow to get the head bobbing and an injection of black metal strengthens the metal vibe in the title track “Esoteric Ascendance”. Wonderful guitar tones complement the percussion on this track and through out this release.
Choral chants begin the final number before we once again are confronted by the talents of Lewis and Borthwick finishing off this four track death, black, doom, E.P. in triumphant fashion.

This is a really good release and I hope to hear more from this project. I and the glowing moon, to my left, await more!

ESTORIC ASCENDANCE is out now on BandCamp

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