Thrasherwolf – We Are Revolution

These young London Thrashers have been causing a bit of a stir in ukthrashers HQ, so much so that we have two of our reviewers taking a listen to the album!

Both Gareth and John have had a fair bit of time to spend with We Are Revolution, and here’s what they think :-

Review 1 – Gareth Pugh

It really astounds me, the talent we have in the UK thrash scene at the moment, take for instance London thrashers ThrasherWolf, and their debut full length; ‘We Are Revolution’. Good old fashion thrash (pun intended) with a technical slant.

Starting off with the 6 min opener ‘The Vortex’, the guys nail their intent to the mast straight away. Riffs come shooting at you from all angles, the drums pummelling you with an almost constant barrage of double bass before the vocals come in with a lupine like bark, the track leaves you battered and bruised like it’s title suggests. ‘The Pack’ comes next, short and straight to the point, with a nice melodic, almost maiden like solo, and a cool change to the vocals to give it a different dynamic, before soloing away to the crescendo.

‘Vermillion Steel’ is really catchy with the band throttling back just a smidgen. ‘Good Old Fashion Violence’ sees the band channelling a bit of Exodus, adding a bit of bounce and groove into the proceedings, I can see people doing quite a bit of damage in the pit with this one. ‘Blood Moon’ is the album’s centre piece at almost 9 minutes long, the intro being a nice slower pounding, before the pace picks up, a cool chorus and some longer instrumental parts.

The next two tracks see the band really branching out, ‘Vanity’ is a bit slower in places with a daring chorus and verse structure, the lyrics are interesting as well, with a twist on the Snow-White tale, if I’m correct. ‘Ruin’ is perhaps the riskiest and most ambitious track here with an almost ‘ballad’ like start, with some great bass and guitar work, before the band builds into a mid-paced stomp with some great melodic leads, before the song winds back down.

A short intro then leads us into the pseudo-title track WAR, an acronym of ‘We Are Revolution’, a 12-minute epic, the band goes through their complete musical repertoire here, a great twisting riff, it’s fast, then it’s galloping away, before a slow bludgeoning middle section.

I have to say I really like this album, it’s not perfect, at times the album does lose a bit of focus, and the production at times, although on the whole is very good, does seem a bit amateur in places. Although it might be the case it is a home recording, but I don’t have that information to hand. Also the band might want to self-edit a bit here and there, it’s very brave putting 9 and 12 minute songs on your debut, but they do have to hold the listeners attention for the duration of the song, and I’m not sure there’s quite enough material there to do that. I’m being really picky here, but hope it’s taken as it’s meant to be, positive criticism. And while I’m being fussy, the cover art is also a bit dodgy; I much prefer the artwork they used for the single ‘The Vortex’. 

These are just minor issues though, I for one am certainly going to be supporting the band, and purchasing this album when it comes out, and the potential they have is phenomenal, and I think the band have a very promising future ahead. I suggest you check them out as well.

Review 2 – John McLachlan

The English 4 piece, Daniel (vocals and guitar), Jack (guitar), Alex (bass) and Bill (drums) have been making a name for themselves gigging in the London area and honing their craft. 

It shows straight away with the new album, a blistering attack of old school, golden era style thrash metal. 

Vortex was released last month and reviewed for UKthrashers by Lee and he loved it and it’s easy to see why. Great riffs, thundering bass, pounding drums and gruff vocals, the abc’s of good old fashioned violent thrash. Speaking of which, they released a second song from the album called Good Old Fashioned Violence and it is a f**king banger of a tune. 

The album as a whole has everything for thrash fans, tracks like The Pack and Vermillion Steel burst out the gate, grab you by the throat and beat you into submission. Then the slower tempo stomp of Vanity keeps the pummelling going. 

These songs were written with the pits in mind and a Thrasherwolf live show must be a non stop night of Good Old Fashioned Violence. 

Ruin, slows things down (for a minute) then ramps it back up to pummelling level. It has an almost Maiden Fear of the Dark vibe about it but with way crunchier guitars. 

All in all this is a great debut from Thrasherwolf and a great sign of things to come. They’ve started amassing a core group of fans whom they affectionately call “the pack”, consider this guy one of “the pack

Thrasherwolf – We Are Revolution

Release Date – Friday 18th September 2020

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