Demolizer – Thrashmageddon

I’ve been delaying the review of this album for weeks, because I know once it goes off my ‘to review’ playlist I won’t have anywhere near enough excuses to listen to it!

Demolizer hail from Denmark, and these Copenhagen based thrash monsters only formed in 2018, and released their previous EP ‘Ghoul’ in the same year.

The music is new wave thrash all the way, with a crossover tinge in the riffs and a blackened tearing vocals that bites through the excellently produced album, leaving listeners in no doubt of skill, intent or thrashing abilities.

The nine tracks, kick off with the brooding intro of ‘Copenhagen Burning’ before launching into an all out aural assault, this feels like the headphones are making me bang my head, with the tearing, snarling lyrics snapping at your neck. ‘Cancer in The Brain’ shows no sign of letting up, with a gang chant that’s going to be a crowd pleaser in a live setting.


‘NTC’ is another short shocker, with a dirty crossover beat that makes you want to create a heaving crushing moshpit wherever you are! Next track ‘Bloodshot Eyes’ contains some of the maddest riffing and technical playing, and continues the relentless pummelling beats, with bass and drums driving the track to make your eyes bleed let alone be bloodshot!

At 45 seconds long, brace yourselves as ‘Gore’ has been and gone before you realise and takes a strip of flesh with it on the way past! ‘Until The Day I Die’ starts off with a more dramatic intro, and is a slower, pounding track… well until it all kicks off for the last third!

Cancer In The Brain – Demolizer

Despite a slower start, ‘Lost In Torment’ steps the speed right back to max, continuing to punch in the most solid guitar work, and penultimate track ‘Built On Slavery’ has a bit of a black metal feel to it in the vocals in places, but adds a really nice dimension to the track.

Final, all too soon the last track of the album ‘MSW’ launches, this is in true to form with this LP, a banging little rager of a track that thrashes with the best of them!

As you may of guessed from this review ‘Thrashmageddon’ has quickly become one of my 2020 favourites, putting a real line in the sand of what a modern thrash album needs.

This is a solid, enjoyable and capable, no bullshit bit of thrash, and I fucking love it!

Demolizer – Thrashmageddon is released on the 11th September on Mighty Music!

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