Entropy – Force Convergence

If you like a bit of tech with your thrash, then look no further than Canada’s ‘Entropy’ and their 4th release “Force Convergence”, a 7 song concept album.

Tech isn’t the only string to their bow though, they also add a bit of prog, death and groove to the proceedings, and are surprisingly aggressive and heavy for a technical thrash band. Formed in the early ’90s, Ger Schreinert (Vocals) and Dan Lauzon (Guitar) seem to be the constants and main songwriters, Ger on lyrics and Dan with the music.

Entropy 2020

Starting with the classy acoustic guitar instrumental “Everything Falls” this leads into first track proper “Riptide”, a real ripper of a track! Seriously though, it’s fast, all angular riffs and pounding rhythms, yet melodic as well, Ger showing from the off his extremely vast range, he really can hit those high notes and then some. “Planetary Impact Extinction” is the longest and most challenging track here, starting with a slower chugging riff it builds from it’s crushing early few minutes into a real monster, the speed slowly picking up and the song subtly morphing as it continues to a stunning climax. “Threshold of Decimation” is the fastest song, and my personal favourite, a real bruising track, with top speed thrash riffs before a bouncy groove infused chorus. Then it’s back on the accelerator! “Weaponised Storm System” and the title track follow in similar complex formats, and separated by the wonderful instrumental “Transmigration” more acoustics and a gorgeous lead guitar.

Needless to say the musicianship on display is faultless, with every member on top of their game. As is the production, handled by the band (of course)!

Recommended for fans of Toxik, Watchtower, Dream Theater, and the like, but with that added bit of heaviness and aggression. Top stuff. 

Reviewer – Garath Pugh

Release Date – 28th August 2020 – Out Now

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