1000 Scars – The Fallen

If you’re after a fix of something apocalyptically heavy, but you have less than 10 minutes to spare, you could do worse than try the new 3 track single from 1000 Scars: ‘The Fallen’.

The sub two minute instrumental title-track starts things off, a heavy, atmospheric, ambient drone begins the proceedings before the tribal like drums kick in, followed by crashing guitar chords and the bass rumbles in, advance of the instruments locking together fully for the run to the end of the song.

Second track ‘Enslaved’ sees the band pick up the pace at the start, and vocalist Aaron adds his scorched lungs to the piece and then the band slows it down for a minute before speeding the pace up again.

The band end with ‘Worthless’, a spoken sample before the bass reverberates in and the guitar plays a slow doomy chord progression, then the bass gathers momentum and the track kicks on fast for another minute, before the whole band slow to a suitably crushing crescendo.

If this is an indication of the up and coming full release, due 2021, things are looking good for the future.

Check out ‘The Fallen’ on Spotify HERE

Reviewer- Gareth Pugh

Release Date – Out Now

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