Mortal Backlash – The Backlash Of Thrash

Young Northern Irish Thrashers @mortalbacklash release their debut EP on Tuesday. ‘The Backlash Of Thrash’  builds on from their debut Single ‘Abandoned Commander’ which came out in January, with three new tracks.

The EP starts with the aforementioned single ‘Abandoned Commander’ which is full of great thrash rhythms, big riffs and some bigger beats, with the growling throaty vocal sound of a forty year old who has smoked 60 a day since they were twelve!

First of the new tracks ‘Hierarchy’ starts of with a speed metal tinged intro before dropping into a brutal mid paced chugger, before disappearing of into some super technical solos and high speed riffing, what an absolute cracking track!

‘Leader of the lies’ keeps up the speed, with a brutal and heavy face pummelling assault, this feels altogether heavier, with a Teutonic thrash overtone blended with the absolutely unrelenting guitar attacks, giving this track the darkest feel of the release!

And the quadruple threat finishes with for what is me the jewel in the crown ‘The Price’ has a slight NWOBHM feel to it but is a thrash anthem in the making, probably the slowest track on the release, but has a real epic feel that makes you want it to continue…. where’s the repeat button!

All in all this is a great release, a solid well played and constructed release that shows how bright the future of thrash is in Northern Ireland!

The Backlash Of Thrash is available to pre – save via the link below

And is available on Tuesday the 1st September on the streaming sites

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