Homicide – Left For Dead

There are quite a few early 90’s bands with the name Homicide, but this band is the Montreal version, whose debut album ‘Malice & Forethought’ came out in 1995.

So after going dark for nearly 25 years the band is back with the classic line up and a new release out today, so we took the new album for a spin over the last few weeks to see if these old dogs had any new tricks.. Or at least do the old tricks well!

Homicides sound is a blend of old school thrash and hardcore, and the vocals remain an angry punky mix of Killian, Muir and Milano that works really well.

The Album is an old school 7 track, and thrashes through with a duration of just over thirty minutes and is a mix of some mid-tempo thrashers with ‘Scourge Of God’ and ‘Point Blank Range’. Title track ‘Left For Dead’ is a massive statement of intent with its dive bombing guitars and death metal vibe, whilst the fastest songs ‘Nightmares of The Apocalypse’ (a Corrupted Youth cover) & ‘Scorched Earth’ lay down thrash like it’s supposed to be played, and ‘Enemy of The State’ starts off with some classic clean acoustic intro notes before launching into another solid rager!

All in all this is a really enjoyable album, well played, well produced and a classic thrash feel, go and give it a spin, we think you’ll enjoy it!

Homicide – Left For Dead is available Now on all the normal digital streaming sites

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