Elimination – Of Gods And Beasts EP

We’re not sure what they put in the water in Suffolk & Norfolk, with Anihilated, Shrapnel and Elimination all from the area they definitely seem to have plenty of Thrash on tap!

Elimination are back after a fairly lengthy lay up, with vocalist Neil being the only original member, and as well as strapping on a bass he’s brought Leigh and Dave along to wreck some fucking necks!

This three track EP firmly plants the lads back into being a viable thrash commodity in the local scene and beyond, and the refreshed line up has a sense of attack and power the younger incarnation of the band never quite achieved.

Opener ‘In The Name Of Violence’ launches straight into the middle of a pummelling guitar solo, creating the feel of urgency and threat and throwing you unprepared into the swirling moshpit, slowing down in the middle to build up the anticipation before unleashing havoc on your senses.

Next up is ‘The Return’ which continues the high octane in your face punk attitude, that influences this whole album. Finally ‘What have I done’ attacks with a chugging swarming guitar attack, with an industrial punk sounding intro, the track continues with some deathly doom influenced incantations before filling your ears with explosive riffs and fretboard abuse.

And then all to soon it’s over…but don’t worry added to the EP are three bonus live tracks, proving that the new Elimination can blast out the old tunes on stage as well as in the studio.

There’s always a risk when bands come back from the dead that they’re living on old glories, but that is definitely not the case with Elimination and the EP puts them back in the fist fight… with a knife!

Of Gods and Beasts is released on the 7th August 2020, preorder digital and physical via the Elimination BandCamp page!

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