Raider – Guardian of the Fire

Reviewer John MacLachlan

So here we have Canadian band Raider with their 2020 release “Guardian Of the Fire”.

First thing’s first. GO BUY THIS ALBUM!!! Right out of the gate, opening track “Bound by no Fate” and you are hit with the sheer size of this. It’s Big, big riffs, big vocals, big double bass drumming and big production.

There’s an element of Arch Enemy, Kreator and others in there, but, this is by no means a bad thing. Raider have taken their influences, merged them and created their own sound. It’s thrash, it’s death, it’s melodic and the vocals encompass it all, a perfect blend of thrash snarl and death growl.

The songs are not your typical 3-4 minute thrash fest, the shortest track on the album clocking in at 5 minutes, but at no point was I wanting tracks to hurry up for the next one.

In conclusion, tremendous album from a band worth paying attention to, did I mention

“Guardian of The Fire'” is available on BandcampSpotifyApple Music.

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