Thrasherwolf – Vortex

We posted a pre-save link to this yesterday on instagram, and today one of our new reviewers Lee took a listen here’s his opinion on the new single Vortex from @thrasherwolfofficial coming out on July 17th

Thrasherwolf -Vortex

Everyone who has the hard task of knowing me, knows I am a cynic. I call it likes I see it. So; when I listen to something called “Vortex” by a band called Thrasherwolf my heart sinks. That being said; I love being proved wrong and it doesn’t happen often.

From the get go I’m reminded of “War Ensemble”; but then I am listening to Teutonic Thrash Gods, Kreator! What I’m trying to say is; this band has taken the good bits from what we know all works and gets the blood pumping and put it together with their own twist!

These guys are accomplished musicians and don’t hold back; they produce the goods!

I can also hear that late ‘80’s crossover influence in their breakdowns, but it’s not cliched or hackneyed; it’s genuinely good.

As an old, grumpy thrash/hardcore snob; ignore the band name and the song title and give these UK thrash bruisers a listen; you won’t regret it

🎧 📝- @leevil_6_6_6

Here’s That pre-save link again

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