Militia – sacrifice

The Militia lads featured on our Moshin’ The Roof On, and donated their, at the time, only recorded track ‘Panzer Charge’

Although pretty rough around the edges, the track gained many statements of interest, so we were looking forward to seeing what these youngsters came up with next.

The ‘Demo Tape’ is a very apt title for Sacrifice, as it very much has the feel and tone of those cassette tapes that used to drop through our letterboxes in the 80’s, and the whole thing could of been recorded on a six track in a garage or pub back room!

But that’s by no means a criticism as the three tracks on offer, ‘Sacrifice’, ‘Lies’ and ‘Dead Mans Land’ are old school Thrashers straight out the box.

The drums and guitars, whilst not super polished are a big improvement over ‘Panzer Charge’ gone are the tin sounding cymbal sounds, and a thumping back end gives all the tracks some real gravitas and power, with a sludgy and distorted tone and some raging riffs that hark back to the early days of thrash, which still wore its NWOBHM and Punk heritage on its sleeve.

I have to admit I struggled with the vocals at first, the sludgy sound of them has a tinge of early Venom with a hint of Black Flag but getting them to stand out in the mix required a bit of a boost to the volume, this needs to be played loud to get the best from it!

All in all, Militia have created a cool demo tape, that brings back memories of tape trading yesteryear for old farts like me, and delivers that retro DIY garage band early thrash n’ roll vibe feel that is very much making a resurgence.

The demo tape is available from tomorrow (2nd July) in all the normal places including BandCamp

Militia are our interviewed band on Fridays show, so listen in to learn a bit more about the band and the makings of Sacrifice.

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