Series 2 Episode 2 – Hellfekted

In this Episode we Interview Liam and Chris from Stokes Hellfekted and chat about the band, paying for likes and streams, their latest album ‘Woe Is The Kingdom’ and what’s next for them!

Series 2 Episode 2 – Hellfekted

Featuring Music from

Old School U.K. Thrashers Decimator, with Punk or Dead taken from their new EP 2029

New Shrapnel single Might of Cygnus taken from their new album Palace of The Insane

The new single Spiritual Warfare from Devastator take from their upcoming album Baptised in Blasphemy


Hellfekted – Fire At Will taken from their album Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood

Indian Thrasher Amorphia and their track Mutants Rise taken from the 2020 album Merciless Strike…

And last but not least Divine Chaos and the title track of their new album The Way To Oblivion

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