Dissension – Dissension

@dissension_band and their self-titled debut EP dropping next Friday (8th May 2020)

Now if you look at the cover art for the new Dissension EP you would probably guess that they’re towards the blackened end of the thrash spectrum, but as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover!

These Sheffield/Chesterfield locals formed in 2017 with a fair churn of initial line-up changes in the early days. They’ve also got a good amount of gigs under their belts, and the confidence and clarity of what they do, comes shining through on the EP!

First track Bloodfist is a full on Thrash N Roll track, full of punk swagger and energy. With a nod to Motorhead, Discharge and early thrash bands like Decimator it’s a cracking track and we bet it goes down a treat live.

Next track Gravepool keeps up the momentum but is more of a dark brooding stomper of a track but maintaining that punk’ed thrash vibe. Killz 4 Thrills is next up and the longest track on the EP at over 6 minutes, but only slows down a little from the other tracks, before it launches, it’s extended instrumental section in the middle shows the musicianship of the band and is a nice way to mix it up on the track list.

King Of Bombs finishes the EP of as we started, with all out balls to the walls thrashing, with a cracking sing along chorus.

Overall this is a great debut, full of old school thrash sounds, speed metal influences and a bit of crossover groove, well worth a visit to BandCamp next Friday to pick up, and well worth catching these guys live when we can start going to gigs again!


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