Virus – Evilution Apocalypse

Meanwhile in a Thrash Metal Laboratory near Dundee mad scientists has been mixing up a new strain of old school thrash metal.

And the time is close for the Virus to be set free!

Evilution Apocalypse is the first new album from old school thrashers @virusthrashuk since 1989’s Lunacy (with EP’s Raped by Mutants in 2009 and 2013’s A New Strain of An Old Disease, bridging the gaps). This ten track all out thrash romp explores all aspects of subject matter, and is composed and played in such a way that the bands skills and Coke Finlay’s song writing ability and thrash experience and heritage are never left in doubt!

From the opening title track through to the closing track (Release the) Dead it’s full of blistering riffs, mosh along choruses and shout along songs.

With deeply personnel songs like The Hand That Feeds through the attack tunes of Wargasm and the tongue in cheek humour of Gadget (dooo dooo!) and a re-recording of 1988’s Force Recon this album has it all.

The production is real, not a processed computer beat to be heard, taking all the best of old school recording and mixing but bringing it bang up to date without stealing it’s soul.

There have already been some heavy hitting thrash releases this year, both old school and new, and this has come smashing into my top three of the years so far like a sledge hammer!

Comes out very soon on BandCamp and via Combat Records as soon as the lockdown is over!! With a launch tour to follow as soon as practicable!

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