Decimator – 2029

Everyone knows that we love a comeback.. and Decimator are another band that had a good following back in the late 80’s in the London Area. Their 1989 Album – Carnage City State Mosh Patrol was lost a little in the 100s of released in that year, and 1993’s Dirty, Hot and Hungry was after the bubble had burst.

But their post apocalypse, 2000AD meets Mad Max blend of Thrash, Punk and NWOBHM is back with a four track EP entitled 2029!

The tracks are full on punked up thrash ‘n roll, great tempo, driving rhythm and full of fuck you attitude with a thrash undertone.

It’s very different to what being played by many bands and that’s what makes it even more enjoyable.
So to get yourself a copy of the EP drop Tony an email or contact Decimator UK on Facebook, Red Vinyl comes with digital download!

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