Series 3 Episode 3 – Tortured Demon

In Episode 3 of this season we catch up with 0161 up an coming noisemakers Tortured Demon ahead of their album launch, we talk influences, fans not followers, record labels and tours and lots more!

We also have music from Tortured Demon – Cold Blood Nottingham Death Metal from Repulsive Vision – Selfless Young LA band, Diabology – Deicide Tortured Demon – A Knee to the Face of Corruption Our hairy mates in Thrasherwolf – Ruin Episode 1 guests Trapped In Purgatory – Out Of The Fire (Into the Pit) who’s new album “DAMNED NATION” is out today

SERIES 2 Episode 24 – Novichok

Welcome to Episode 24

In this weeks slightly shorter episode we have an interview with Newcastle based Novichok, we catch up about their thrash history, the North East Scene, and maybe let slip about some Moshin’ The Roof On Volume 2 news!

We have music from Solitary withKeep Your Enemies Closer (Live)

Yersin and Northern Stronghold

Novichok – Self Titled

Scarred By Truth and 666

Join us next week for a mega interview with Gama Bomb!

Episode 24 – Novichok

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