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Reviewers 2020 Top 5 – Euan Henderson

Ranking the top 5 is a tough task, so instead of ranking five albums that shuffle through the list depending on the day, here’s Euan’s equal 5 Top albums of the year in no Particular order.. Havok – V Warbringer – Weapons of tomorrow… Continue Reading “Reviewers 2020 Top 5 – Euan Henderson”

Reviewers 2020 Top 5 – Gareth Pugh

For my UK Thrashers Top 5 albums of 2020, I’ve done what it says on the Tin.  All thrash, and all British! I’ve mixed it up a bit though, so that I’ve got a few categories. I’ve gone for best overall album, best return, best… Continue Reading “Reviewers 2020 Top 5 – Gareth Pugh”

Reviewers 2020 Top 5 – Frank Holby

2020 What a great year for metal releases, where do you begin to even find a top 20 ? Let alone narrow it down to five, new bands have surfaced old bands have risen like a phoenix from the flames and there are always… Continue Reading “Reviewers 2020 Top 5 – Frank Holby”