Video – Disposable – Self Dismantling Process

Hutch finishes his deep dive into the latest Disposable Trilogy as he checks out the last part of the saga…

The final part of the trilogy sees the Dismantapuppets let loose. It’s quite disconcerting to see four puppets playing through the last track on the EP, especially when the images of Cut the Rope remain fresh in the memory. It’s also a challenge to concentrate on the song, which is a real gnarly banger. Plenty of gravel-soaked growls, high intensity drumming and more than a nod to Slayer mid-song.

The track also sees a snarling Lev from Hard Stare make an appearance, and he holds his apparent bewilderment at singing with the puppets in well. Savage, punishing and full bore from start to finish, Self-Dismantling Process stands neatly next to the other two tracks. Even the slight discomfort at the bloody images at the end of the song don’t last, unlike the groove of the actual track, which has ample hooks.

It’s going to flow better as a trio of songs and videos, but even on its own, it’s a slab of rawness that every thrasher should be very pleased to listen to.

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