Video – Disposable – Cut the Rope

The first release of this trilogy of songs from Disposable’s forthcoming EP Self Dismantling Process was Flesh Market. It contained some bizarre and sinister imagery and maybe is best left unspoken. It’s track two, Cut the Rope which is now front and centre and it’s just as evil. 

The song is a gnarly crossover thrasher, enjoyable enough but not ripping up the trees in every sense of the phrase. When watched with the video though, things change completely. We see the band dominated by their puppets, who rise up after years of friendship with the band. 

The four puppets ambush Disposable after the band dismiss them and the result is a rather gruesome finale. Fuelled by thrashing riffs and screaming vocals, it’s a slightly disjointed track but the video makes it come to life, even if butchery by knife welding puppets could be a little challenging. Basic advice – treat your puppets with respect … or you’ll end up chopped into pieces before you can say Cut the Rope!

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