utilitarian – Fight War, Not Wars; Destroy Power, Not People

This has been out a little while but passed us by – proceeds of the album have gone towards @sheltercharity As you know a charity that we are supporters of!

@utilitarianband – Fight War, Not Wars; Destroy Power, Not People

Utilitarian an angry and aware three piece out of Sheffield come blasting out of the traps with this rager, spitting venom at the outrages of such a fucked up World.

There is a very Punk attitude to this cracker of an album, but with a definite Metal influence. The lyrical content is what you’d expect of bands like Crass, Conflict, Discharge and early Extreme Noise Terror/Napalm Death. This brings us to the sound; there is definitely elements of “End Of Days” era Discharge, (“Hateful Generation”) and latter day Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror/Raw Noise. There are also tinges of Slayer and even Hatebreed, (“Zero Tolerance”).

This is the perfect album for a Punk curious about Metal and for a Metalhead who is looking to dabble in Hardcore Punk.

Overall Utilitarian have put together an album which they can be proud of with a great combination of angry, well-executed Metal/Punk with an intelligent, relevant message.

🎧 📝 – @leevil_6_6_6

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